Funding Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Las Vegas, Nevada

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur in Las Vegas, Nevada looking for ways to fund your business? You may be eligible to apply for several small business grants that can help you grow. The City of Las Vegas, nonprofit organizations, and other groups offer grants that can provide you with the resources you need to succeed. The City of Las Vegas is committed to providing affordable housing opportunities to prevent and reduce homelessness, create safe and livable communities, economic opportunities for people with low to moderate incomes, and opportunities for educational enrichment. Corporate interests and big business may dominate the Strip, but some of the country's favorite family stores are also located in Las Vegas, according to a recent survey by Yelp and Entrepreneur.

The Birthday Suit, a Las Vegas waxing spa, has been open for the past 12 years and recently began its quest for domestic expansion. Las Vegas-based startup Emulait launched its personalized bottles in March and has a waiting list of 50,000 customers, according to its founder and CEO, Shilo Ben Zeev. Artists and arts organizations that have been affected by the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the widespread closures of shows, exhibition meetings, and trips and tourism to Las Vegas can apply for a new grant. This type of investment by government agencies in startups can have a huge impact on where companies decide to establish themselves, says Ed Nabrotzky, CEO of See ID, based in Las Vegas. If you are a United States citizen running a small business in Las Vegas (Nevada), you may be eligible to apply for several small business grants.

The Las Vegas Lead Risk Control and Healthy Homes Program is a partnership between the city of Las Vegas and the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. The program's goal is to create healthy and safe lead housing in Las Vegas and reduce the incidence of lead poisoning in children. The Las Vegas Centennial Commission is a group of designated citizens who oversee the distribution of centennial grants to generate community projects that promote and preserve the history of Las Vegas. These grants are not necessarily free money but can provide entrepreneurs with the resources they need to succeed.