Protecting Intellectual Property in Las Vegas: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

As an entrepreneur in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is essential to understand how to protect your intellectual property. While safeguarding physical property is relatively straightforward, intellectual property requires a different approach. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your ideas and creations are safeguarded. McCue explains that companies exhibiting at a Las Vegas trade show often notice when a competitor appears to be violating a trademark or “trade dress”, the distinctive visual aspect of a product.

In such cases, Nevada law firms can provide legal assistance. These firms are often more affordable than those in California due to the lower cost of living in Nevada. However, filing a trademark application with the Nevada Secretary of State's office only covers the state of Nevada. If you find yourself in a situation where your trademark is being infringed upon at the federal level, you may need to consider filing a trademark infringement lawsuit.

Fortunately, there are many experienced intellectual property lawyers in Nevada who can help you with this process. Mat Trachok is one such lawyer who recently moved to Reno from Boston. He provides legal advice to technology firms and other business clients. The growth and diversification of Nevada's economy has led to an increase in intellectual property work for law firms in the state.

Robert Ryan, partner and patent attorney at Holland & Hart, notes that local and out-of-state companies are gaining trust in Nevada intellectual property lawyers. Organized by the Nevada State Bank, we are a comprehensive digital resource center for business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs. We provide information on how to protect your intellectual property and other important topics related to running a business in Las Vegas.