Unlock the Potential of Las Vegas: How to Access Talent and Hire Employees in Nevada

Entrepreneurs in Las Vegas, Nevada have the opportunity to tap into a wealth of resources to help them find and hire the right employees. The EmployNV Business Hub is designed to connect employers with free resources and provide them with a plan for the future. Through this portal, employers can access the public workforce development system, which offers a variety of tools, training, and funding through federal programs. The centers also have experts who can guide employers through the system and unlock resources that many people are unaware of. The Teen Zone is equipped with virtual reality (VR) headsets, provided through the Nevada Career Explorer program, that allow teens to explore different career paths in healthcare, advanced manufacturing, IT, logistics, and the skilled trades.

Whether you're looking for work, changing jobs, or exploring new career options, a comprehensive career center is your gateway to many employment and training resources in Southern Nevada. Companies that provide employment services in Nevada must apply for a license before doing business. EmployNV Youth Hub's first large-scale youth zone in Southern Nevada is now open at the West Charleston Library. This page provides an overview of employment services licenses in Nevada for individuals and agencies. EmployNV shopping centers are a coordinated effort between Workforce Connections, the DETR, the Nevada Department of Business and Industry, the Las Vegas Chamber, and the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District. These centers provide employers with access to a wide range of services such as job fairs, job postings, job search assistance, resume writing workshops, career counseling, and more. The state of Nevada has made it easier for employers to access talent by providing resources such as the EmployNV Business Hub.

This portal provides employers with access to free resources such as training programs and funding opportunities. Additionally, employers can take advantage of the Teen Zone which provides virtual reality (VR) headsets that allow teens to explore different career paths. Furthermore, companies must apply for a license before providing employment services in Nevada. By taking advantage of these resources, employers in Las Vegas can unlock their potential and find the right employees for their business. With access to free resources such as training programs and funding opportunities as well as job fairs and job postings, employers can easily find the right talent for their business.